First of we will like you to know that our lashes are 3D human hair handmade lashes and can be reused 20-30times if proper care is taken. Please kindly follow the steps below:

Step 1: Carefully remove the lashes off your eyes, careful to not pull any of your real eyelashes

Step 2:With your nails or tweezers CAREFULLY remove the lash glue make sure to pull the glue off completely or at least try to

Step 3: If you didn’t add too much mascara to the lashes or if they don’t look clumpy just comb out the lashes with a spoile and put them back into their packaging.


If the lashes has too much mascara and are looking a little clumpy go ahead and get warm water and add any soap or facial cleaner, then let lashes soak in it and with your tweezers clean the masacara off, once masacar is off dry them with a paper towel and there go ya clean lashes for reuse :).

Thank you for choosing Our beauty product/products to make you glow naturally

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