Hi everyone and welcome to our site, you are at the right place and of course the right time. My name is Reine-Blanche I am a mom, a Journalist and Writer. I’m 25years old and I live in Germany. Becoming an Entrepreneur/Business owner was always my dream. I have never wished myself to be an employee but rather an employer and having you on our website today with the intention of shopping means that you are contributing in a grand style in making my dreams come to reality and staying for that I say thank you and enjoy your time here as we serve you with what you desire.

Kouamou Reine-Blanche


Hi lovely people and welcome to our site. My name is Reine-Regina and I co- founded Queens Beauty Line with my mom on the 10.10.2020 but my personalized products are the eyes focused Beauty products such as eyelashes, eyeliner, eye serum , glues etc. thank you for choosing our products to make you glow. We appreciate you a whole lot

Reine-Regina Njapou


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