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Queens Beauty Line / Lashesbyreineregina is a beauty company that serves humanity with the priority of making everyone who is interested in our products glow. We offer beauty, bio cosmetics and natural products. As the proverb goes “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, we want to be your beholder by satisfying this area of your needs. Our special branch which deals with eyelashes consist of natural hair, handmade lashes which can be used and reused about 30 times if proper care is taken. Enjoy our products and glow


Why us Our priority is to serve and satisfy you with our beauty products. We want you to glow by so doing we would like to offer you nothing but the best. We are aware that our customers consist of Kings and Queens therefore people as such are to be treated with a lot of precautions and these precautions are exactly what you will find in our products. 

Our products are the best 

Our prices are moderate 

And our delivery is Prime

Best Quality

Reasonable Price

Fast Delivery

To us quality simply means providing the best and being there for our customers. Satisfying you with your desired beauty products and ideal eyelashes is what makes us stand out. Let’s make you glow as we we’ve you happily

We Provide Quality.

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